Wake-up Light Sunrise Alarm Clock LED FM Radio Bedside Night Lamp


30 minutes before your alarm time, the sunrise simulation light will gradually brighten from 1% of brightness to 100% and gently bring you out of deep sleep.


This Wake-up Light has 6 natural sounds such as forest, birds, waves and so on, which let you revel in the sounds and smells of the nature. As well as 1 FM radio.


you can select 5 colors (warn light,green, red, blue and purple)for personal preferences. it also can be used as a table lamp with 4 brightness settings in warn light mode to protect your eyes


The alarm clock simulated sunrise lights up, wake you up gradually, sweet baby sleep. you can set 6 kinds of natural sound or set fm radio alarm. with radio you can enjoy the radio show


AAA batteries

Bluetooth Sunrise Alarm Clock